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Oils&Fats fractionation,winterization dewaxing


Fractionation introduction: fractionation is a procedure of adding value to an oil or fat by separating it into two(or more) fractions differing in fatty acid and triacylglycerol composition. Fractionation is the processing of separation needed solid and liquid oils according to the different variety triacylglycerol fatty acid saturation, fatty acid carbon chain length, double bond configuration and location, different distribution of the fatty acid in triacylglycerol, on the basis of difference between the physical and chemical aspects, different composition in the aspect of melting point, solubility, volatile. When break crystal at high temperature, then cool it down quickly, get the needed crystal ,after the separation of liquid and crystal, solid fat and liquid oil will be got.

Famsun Oils&Fats own the advanced international fractionation technology, through the advanced crystallization equipment, filter press technology and precise automatic temperature control software, especially suitable for palm oil, get 8℃、10℃、14℃、18℃、24℃、33℃、44℃、55and etc,. different melting point of palm oil. At the same time, by controlling the crystallization rate, crystallization temperature, raising time and other technological parameters, change the filtering mode to get the high quality products. This process is suitable for cotton seed oil, palm oil, fish oil and animal fat, which greatly improves the added value of oil, and brings considerable economic benefits to enterprises.

Famsun Oils&fats can provide you the design, manufacture, installation, commission and after sale service in fractionation plant.

Daily capacity:50-1000T/D.

Be suitable for cotton seed oil, palm oil, algal oil, fish oil…

Main equipment: crystallizing tank, SRSW, MKFP, etc.


Process introduction: Oil winterization dewaxing is under stirring slowly, cooled the oil temperature around 4-6 ℃ during a period of time, to form larger crystalline wax, separation and precipitation, to separate the liquid oil and solid fat through filtration. After winterization, dewaxing oil will not be cloudy at 0 ℃ after 5.5 hours, still can keep the oil transparency and liquidity when in the refrigerator, winterization improve the quality of oil and appearance.

Famsun Oils&Fats own the leading winterization dewaxing technology, full computer control, advanced technology, stable product quality.

Daily Capacity:50-1200T/D.

Suitable for sunflower seed oilcorn germ oiltea seed oil

Main equipment: crystallizing tank, SRSW, MKFP, etc.