Solvent extraction

Process Introduction

Solvent extraction is based on the principle of extraction, use of an organic solvent (hexanes) capable of dissolving oils and fats, to contact with the oilseeds (immersion and spray), so that the oil in the oilseed can be extracted, which has the advantages of high technological production target, low labor intensity, good working environment , and good meal quality.

Famsun provides a complete set of extraction equipment, and adopts the most advanced technological process, features in continuous production, efficient & economical, especially has the absolute advantages in energy consumption, residual oil rate, solvent loss etc.
It adopts the Full-automatic control system characterized by automatic adjustment, environmental, stable & precise, and saving labour force. 
Famsun’s extraction equipment consists of extractor system, miscella evaporation system, solvent condensation system, solvent recovery from vent gas system, DC waste gas scrubbing system.
Business Scope
Extraction plant for soybean, canola, cottonseeds, sunflower seeds, peanut, corn germ, rice bran, safflower seeds etc.
Main Equipment

Drag-chain extractor, DTDC, Evaporator, Stripping tower, Cooler, Desorption/ absorbing column, Oil dryer, Hydration tank, Centrifuge, Phospholipid dryer etc.

To adopts the 4th shallow bed extractor, can equip with the big capacity circle-pump and adapt to various of oilseeds and extracted scale.
■The extractor uses force draining patent technology (patent number: ZL 2013 2 0212309.8), which can increase the benefit of extraction plant in 1~1.3 USD/t raw materials.
■Larger diameter DTDC to reduce the protein denatured level in meal.
■Equiped with the integrated tray to improve the flavor & color of meal by toasting, and reuse the flash steam.
■To adopt the full negative pressure evaporation and flash steam recovery process, couples the cold and heat energy sufficiently in plant.
■Efficient cooling water supply system.
■Take full advantage of the steam condensate of extraction plant. 
■To adopt the special extracted crude oil cooling system which is simple, efficient, stable, and reliable.
■The DC waste gas heat recovery system for improving the capacity of energy conservation and emission reduction.
■To adopt more mature steam jet technology to further reduce the steam consumption of plant.
■To supply the high standard & multi-level automation design and configuration based on customers’requirements.
Main performance parameters (for soybean)
■Meal residual oil rate : ≤0.60% (0.3mm extruded flake,sampled from extractor)
■Residual solvent content in meal : ≤300PPM(sampled from DT outlet)
■Residual solvent content in crude oil : ≤50PPM
■Steam consumption : ≤170 kg/t soybean(flake,based on 0.9MPa absolute pressure dry saturated steam)
■Power consumpution : ≤10.0 kwh/ t soybean
■Solvent loss :≤0.5 kg hexanes/t soybean
■Circulating make-up water : ≤110 kg/t soybean  

Extractor System
To use the double-deck drag chain & compelling draining type shallow bed extractor ,named general type shallow bed. extractor for short, model GSE-4, which is the 4st shallow bed extractor, can satisfy 7000t/d extraction.
Desolventizer-Toaster(DT) & Dryer-Cooler (DC) System
For DTDC system, generally recommended an integrated DTDC below a medium-scale capacity.

For DT & DC system, generally selected the independent DT & DC for a big capacity.
DT generally consists of predesolventizing tray, stripping tray, sparge tray and integrated layer etc.
DC has only two functional segments, drying tray & cooling tray  
Miscella evaporation system
Full negative pressure operation for reducing the miscella boiling point significantly, and  improving the heat efficiency and the quality of extracted crude oil such as color, residual solvent, moisture etc.
Solvent condensation & Solvent-water separation system

Solvent vapour-gas separation system

Outdoor auxiliary equipment
The outdoor auxiliary equipment consists of solvent storage tank, cooling tower, circulating water pump, water seal tank etc. the DC waste gas scrubbing system is a new device for energy conservation and emission reduction.
Steam & condensate water system is the essential utility system, which need 4 sets steam distributor and 1 set of condensate water recovery system based on the plant requirement. The steam main pipe to the workshop are equipped with the pressure sensor,which will alarm automatically after the pressure under some given data. The flash steam produced by condensate is compressed & pumped into the direct steam layer of DT by a ejector pump, while the condensate water is pumped to the backwater main pipe, and the waste water which need to boil will be heated by the condensate water in the preheater firstly.
Cooling water circulation system

Steam & Condensate system, instrument air system