Our experience and expertise enable us to bring you comprehensive advice throughout the project, including:

Due diligence and investment evaluation

In terms of site selection, we offer consultation support services in land acquisition, planning, using, property rights and operation restriction.

Technical consultation

At the stage when the clients can only sketch a rough scheme, FAMSUN designers can offer solutions based on what the clients have described. Meanwhile, they offer design consultation on the factors that might affect the project, such as current facility, structure condition, fire control requirement, clear height and public utility requirements.

Approval procedure and negotiation

We support clients to find out the final approving procedure for the project, and get approval from relevant departments and settle disputes.

Project cost estimation

We provide cost estimation service for the project to be constructed based on design parameter, site location and relevant infrastructure.

Risk assessment

We help you identify and categorize the risks in project development and recommend strategies to reduce risks.

After-sales consultation

We provide field operation trainings to let customers know how to properly use, maintain and repair the machines and achieve long service life.

Improving operation efficiency

We offer consultation services on equipment and production line optimization and upgrade.