• Mixer--Excess temperature of the gearbox.
    (1)Poor lubrication; Replace the lubricating grease;(2)The bearing of the speed reducer is damage;Replace the bearing.
  • Mixer--Abnormal noise in mixing chamber
    (1)Iron impurities or stones inside the machine. Inner component parts fall off or broken; Stop machine to remove rigid foreign matters. Stop to check up, replace the parts(2)Paddles hit the wall; Polish the paddle.
  • Mixer--Material leakage at the discharging outlet
    (1)Sealing strip is worn; Replace the sealing strip;(2)The sealing strip and door body are not compacted;Increase the adjusting washer, and compact the sealing strip.
  • Mixer--There was no signal when the discharging door is closed
    The position of the limit switch is incorrect or has been cut off. Adjust the position of the limit switch and check the circuit.
  • Mixer--Discharging mechanism can work normally
    Check the cylinder and air supply system for any malfunction and whether the pipe connection accord with the requirement.
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