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FAMSUN Celebrates Family Day 2020

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Families are the important people in our lives that give us unconditional love and support. FAMSUN celebrated Family Day 2020 at FAMSUN Sci-Tech Industry Park in Yangzhou, China on 17 October– the day before its Corporate Anniversary. 

The corporate anniversary marks the continued efforts and association of its employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders. “It’s meaningful for FAMSUN to celebrate the Family Day together with its Corporate Anniversary,” said FAMSUN HR leader. “Everyone in FAMSUN is essential for our business continuity and success. We want to take this occasion to express our appreciation for their dedication and the support that their families provide.”

Putting the spotlights on staff and their families, FAMSUN Family Day was designed with a series of activities that blending fun, family, and food within a day, and suitable for all family members, young and old. Kids were encouraged to completing certain challenging games with the help of their parents. They also learned about how great a job their parents do to help more people in the world enjoy nutritional food. For husbands, wives, and parents, they were given a chance to familiar with the FAMSUN workplace and meet other co-workers’ families. 

“At FAMSUN, most of our employees work hard at customers’ project construction sites or travel a lot for business trips. It’s not often for them to get a chance to bring their family members to work and celebrate together. They deserved a fun, relaxing, and memorable day with their loved ones.” FAMSUN HR leader said. “And we also believe the happy atmosphere benefits our customers as well.” He added.