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A Platform to Share, Dialogue, and Grow Together ——FAMSUN webinars on Feed Production, Management & Efficiency

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The final FAMSUN webinar on Feed Production, Management & Efficiency was held on the afternoon of November 11 and drew this successful online conference to a perfect end. The global food production system currently is facing the challenges of feeding a growing number of people with limited resources and climate uncertainties. The Covid-19 and ASF have added to these challenges. The feed industry plays an essential role in high-quality protein food production around the world. It is timely that the feed industry considers some of the implications COVID-19 has had on the feed production processes and how the output may have been impacted and what up-to date technologies can do to improve process management and efficiencies.

Organized by FAMSUN and supported by Milling and Grain magazine, Feed Production, Management & Efficiency conference was a complete one-day conference that made up of four 2-hour webinars each Wednesday at 3:00 pm Beijing time on Zoom from October 21, 2020, to November 11, 2020.

With some eight high profile keynote speakers on a range of vital topics confronting the feed industry globally, over 800 visits of attendees, and engaging discussion sessions hosted by Roger Gilbert – the Publisher of Milling and Grain magazine, the webinars were proven to be an ideal means of imparting information from experts who have it, to those in the industry who need to understand and apply it.

A brief review

Key words: MES, Aquaculture Nutrition, Lean Manufacturing, Biosecurity Conceptual Feed Mill, Protein Alternatives, Energy Optimization, Digital Factories, Operational

Excellence, Safe Feed Production

Topic 1: An Overview of MES Software and its Value to Improving Factory Performance, by Kim Jensen Moller Kim Jensen Moller has been working in the IT industry for more than 25 years and specialized in automation and management systems for the farming and feed industry. Kim’s presentation focused on how to shape the future of digital and intelligent feed factories step by step from raw material receiving to feed delivery, and how FAMSUN feed mill MES system – FAMES helps producers to address the

current and future challenges by managing production performance, arranging machine maintenance in advance, reducing machine stops, improving product quality, as well

as accessing to visibility in manufacturing and traceability in the whole supply chain.

Topic 2: Advances in Aquaculture Nutrition & Feed Sciences for Feed Manufacturers, by Professor Simon Davies Harper Adams University Professor Simon Davies is an

acknowledged international expert in the nutrition of farmed fish species having served his University Academic commitments for 34 years since 1986. His lecture brought the latest research findings and information about aquaculture nutrition, especially functional ingredients that benefit gut health and immunity of fish. 【To be continued