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FAMSUN President's New Year Message for 2021

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Dear friends, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

Time flies, and we usher in the New Year of 2021. On behalf of FAMSUN, I would like to take this occasion to extend my new year greetings and wishes to all hardworking, dedicated FAMSUN people and their supportive families. I also want to express my sincere respect and best wishes to customers, partners, and friends from all walks of life who have been trusting and supporting FAMSUN’s growth all the years in different ways. Wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

2020 was an extraordinary year for everyone, every family, and every business. Facing the sudden coronavirus pandemic crisis and a challenging and complex business environment, FAMSUN put its people and their safety first, collaborated with local governments and communities to ensure business continuity, and worked with suppliers and partners across the value chain to improve global supply and local agility. We had experienced an immense dedication from our employees who worked with customers to find quality, innovative, and competitive solutions to address new difficulties and stabilize food supply. For these reasons, I am proud to say that FAMSUN had achieved great success in 2020.

Operationally, the Group reported a strong result with all financial indicators growing at a double-digit or three-digit rate. The robust growth was mainly driven by a rebound customer demand from the recovery of ASF and COVID-19 in China, the new opportunities created by China’s dual-circulation development strategy, and the mature localization model that FAMSUN operates overseas. Our high-efficiency industrial solution for aquafeed production was awarded the first prize of the 2020 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Awards – the highest national recognition for the machinery industry in China. FAMSUN innovative natural gas dryer, SWFP66x150 hammer mill, PTZL5000 vacuum coater, shrimp feed pellet mill, and micro-pellet feed extrusion technology were recognized as high-tech processing equipment and technologies by the industrial technology committee at the end of the year. In order to activate new possibilities to create satisfied customers, we had further developed and simplified our business processes and launched the FPD2.0 tool in 2020. With wider standardized business processes from customer demand learning to project delivery, the new tool had guided the construction of over 400 feed mills, grain storage & handling facilities and oilseed processing plants with great operation efficiency and customer satisfaction during the pandemic. Most importantly, our hardworking and dedicated people, who keeping themselves available in positions, who being there to support customers locally, and those who fighting COVID-19 together with customers in difficult times, had performed FAMSUN’s commitments.

Looking forward, I think 2021 is a year of transition, and hope is on the horizon. With the vaccines helping, the pandemic will be cured. Things will become much better and moving in a forward direction. Agri-food production still the promise of a better life for all. and FAMSUN is ready to turn this crisis into growth opportunities for the agri-food sector worldwide with the following underlines:

First, as a technical partner, we will increase our R&D budget to accelerate innovations in all our businesses through fully understanding the current demands of our customers and their needs in the future.

Second, we expect an accelerative growth in all FAMSUN businesses out of China. We will further localize our operations worldwide with the strong support of a rich global resource, and ensure more customers to benefit from our leading, integrated, supply-chain solutions.

Third, to fully implement the FPD2.0 tool and exploit the potential of our business processes. We will continue to forge FPD2.0 as the competitive construction solution for customers’ projects, and create them more value from improved project quality, increased system efficiency, reduced cost, and shortened delivery cycle.

Fourth, to accelerate digital transformation. We will continue to incorporate digital applications including artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, and 5G wireless communication into our products, projects, and services to develop future-fit solutions for customers, while introducing efficient digital tools in management and control to increase corporate performance.

Fifth, continue to foster a corporate culture of customer-centric, striver-encouraged, collaboration-oriented, and social responsibility, so that our organization can grow sustainably.

Dear friends, we have the same purpose – feeding the world with sufficient, safe, and healthy food and making life better for all. At this moment, the world is still facing far-reaching and enduring challenges, and it needs our efforts to stabilize food supply and improve food security locally and globally. Let’s live forward, support each other, and collaborate to create more sustainable food solutions and values in the coming year. 

Thank you! 

Richard Fan 

Chairman & President