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FAMSUN Makes Its CIIE Debut

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As scheduled and confident in the containment protocols that have been put in place, China hosted the third China International Import Expo (3rd CIIE) from 5-10 November 2020 in a bid to reinvigorate the global economy.

With both online and offline exhibitions arrangement and an exhibition area expanded by 30,000 square meters, this year’s CIIE opens its doors to over 2,000 exhibitors and 400,000 visitors around the world. Exhibiting enterprises included many Fortune-500 and industry-leading companies and leading firms from different sectors. Most of them are returnees from past expos, and some are new faces like FAMSUN.

Global capabilities

As an integrated solution provider that operates globally and locally in the farm-to-table supply chain, FAMSUN made its CIIE debut at this year's China International Import Expo with high-tech production equipment, systems, and solutions that backed by its global R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

The large-scale, high-efficiency FAMSUN K50 Pellet Mill, for instance, was developed by FAMSUN-USA R&D Institute. The machine can reduce energy, material, and water consumption in feed production, and had attracted a lot of crowd during the Expo by the way. The steel silo that upraising at the exhibition hall is one of the many FAMSUN’s grain loss reduction and food security improving solutions. The small area occupation grain storage equipment is of pest, bird prevention design, and can make it easier for farmers to quickly increase storage capacity at their farms and maintain good grain quality for a long time. It is a very effective solution for farmers to mitigate loss when facing transport restriction and lockdown measures during such a crisis as Covid-19.  

Digitalization will drive a boost

Advanced technologies and digitalization are set to give all sectors a new boost in the post-pandemic era. At its booth, FAMSUN also exhibited a complete digital solution portfolio and shared the successful application stories with visitors. FAMES is a digital system that connects, monitors, and controls complex manufacturing systems and dataflows on the feed mill floors to ensure execution efficiency and improve production output. While FAMSUN AI machines such as the AI feed drying system can optimize the processing parameters itself to achieve the best drying efficiency in terms of drying quality, moisture uniformity, and energy consumption. FAMSUN Cloud, on the other hand, allows agri-food vertical integrators to solve their problems in production and supply in real-time and online. They can also create added value from the data and information that the digital platform provides.   

Promoting collaboration for change

“As a technology front-runner in the farm-to-table supply chain, FAMSUN always eyes on industrial challenges and changing market demand,” Greg Liu, Director and President of FAMSUN International said in a CCTV interview on November 5. “We keep investing in the development, innovation, and improvement of our processing technologies and solutions, with the hope of driving change in the food system, helping producers address their current and future challenges, and bringing safe, adequate, nutritious, and affordable food to more people in the world.”

CIIE is a major platform for international procurement, investment promotion, and open cooperation. It also demonstrates China’s sincere desire to share its market opportunities with the world and makes a contribution to global economic recovery, Greg said.

“As a multinational company that headquartered in China, we hope to take the CIIE as an opportunity to expand cooperation worldwide and across sectors, work with our global partners to shape a more resilience, efficient and sustainable future for the global food production system, and benefit local economic growth and well-being at where FAMSUN doing business,” Greg added.