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African trade delegations visit FAMSUN

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The rendering of WCCO Park on the 2021 Yangzhou World Horticultural Expo.


Ethiopia Ambassador to China Teshome Toga and his delegation visited FAMSUN on July 28. This was the first international trade delegation to visit FAMSUN Headquarters since the outbreak of COVID-19.

One week later, Djibouti Ambassador to China, Acting Head of the African Diplomatic Mission to China Abdullah Mijil and his delegation, and Representative of the African union Representative Office in China Hermantala Osman and his delegation jointly visited FAMSUN on August 4.


The three delegations were invited by local government and the World Canal Historical and Cultural City Cooperation Organization (WCCO) to participate the preparatory meetings and activities of the 2021 World Horticultural Expo, which will be held in Yangzhou - a famous city on the China Grand Canal - from April 8th to October 8th next year.


With the theme of "Green City, Healthy Life", the 2021 Yangzhou World Horticultural Expo will set up 63 exhibition parks, most of them will be exhibition parks from foreign countries. Ethiopia and Djibouti will participate the exhibition and show their beautiful scenery, rich resources and diverse cultures on the Expo.


The visits to FAMSUN were jointly organized by Yangzhou government and the World Canal Historical and Cultural City Cooperation Organization (WCCO). FAMSUN Director and President of International Business Division Greg Liu accompanied the visits.

At FAMSUN Sci-Tech Industrial Park, the delegations visited FAMSUN office building, exhibition hall and the leading manufacturing workshops. Diplomats and representatives told that they were impressed with FAMSUN's commitment on building a better food production system worldwide and its efforts on African food security system over the past decades.


As an important local agri-food system participant and builder, FAMSUN has been active in Africa for over 15 years. The company had delivered many leading feed plants, poultry farms, rice mills, oilseed processing plants and grain storage terminals to its local partners. It also runs a manufacturing base in Egypt and employs local talents to serve the needs of the whole African continent market.


"As a multinational company, FAMSUN appreciates all kinds of communication and cooperation across international boundaries in order for a better world," Greg said. “And as an important link on the agri-food supply chain, we’d like to be the bond and partner of the global food system to help more people enjoy food security, nutrition, and healthy life.”