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FAMSUN to kick off 2020 Summer Training Camp in July

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A Summer Training Camp to co-foster tomorrow’s workforce for China agri-food industry will be kicked off at Yangzhou this July.


"We have got all preparation ready,” A representative from FAMSUN Business School said. “and the camp will be opened on July 5 as plan.”

This year FAMSUN will welcome 131 university students with the background of mechanical, food science, engineering, computer, automation, etc. national-wide to learn and live in FAMSUN Business School for 40 days.

The training program in its second year will provide the participants with 16 real-work projects with positions in R&D, engineering design, project construction management, marketing, etc. The trainees, most of them are juniors from universities, will have the chance to work with FAMSUN experts in real work, learn expertise and experience from mentors, develop new skills, and expand knowledge and experience in cross fields. In addition to that, the students will be paid for their work, and FAMSUN also will provide them accommodation, meals, books, tools, computers, and uniforms during the training period.

Initiated by FAMSUN Business School and supported by a significant number of agri-related universities, the training program aims to showcase the various roles that the youth can play in the agri-food sector, provide them access to professional and up-skilling courses, and help them to develop a rewarding career in the industry after graduation.

"Modern agri-food industry is thriving and offers amazing career opportunities for the youth to develop.” The representative said. "Through this training program, we hope to encourage more and more young people to join this reputed sector, unlock its growth potentials, and create a future of quality, healthy, and sufficient food supply together.”

Supporting youth development will secure the long-term prosperity of agri-food industry, and the business sustainability of FAMSUN as well. The representative told that most of the 27 excellent participants of last year's Summer Training Camp had accepted FAMSUN's offers. They will become the new blood of the company after receiving their university diplomas this summer.    

FAMSUN said it will continue to invest in the Summer Training Camp program, using its best efforts, resources, and influences to provide more educational opportunities and career pathways for the future workforce.