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The Prototype Aquafeed Project in JEJU Korea

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JEJU Fisheries Cooperative which was founded as a company in 1995 originated from the Korea Federation of marine aquaculture founded in 1987. JEJU Fisheries Cooperative is a leading group integrating the business of feed production, aquaculture, aquatic product processing and marketing in JEJU, Korea. The products of the company mainly find their way in Korean and Japanese markets.

The project which broke ground in 2013 is now the largest feed mill for extruded fish feed in Korea.

The project is located on the beautiful Jeju Island, one of the tourist resorts in Korea. Considering such fact, the local government set a limit to the height of the buildings; the maximum height is around three-story high. Such limit brought more trouble to the engineers and the company had to adopt double scrapers with multiple outlets instead of the distributor.

As a prototype project in Korea, JEJU Fisheries Cooperative possess quite a few industry-leading process systems.

1. The extra scraper conveys the tailings of the distribution scraper to the hoister of the front section, solving the residue issue caused by
the multi-outlet scrapers.
2. The micro-distribution system makes the batching accurate, improving the quality of the feed.
3. The vacuum coating can meet the customer’s demand for high fat content.
4. The Z type hoister prevents the extruded particles from being crushe