Conveying Equipment

YGDC Series Elevating En Masse Flight Conveyor

  • The conveyor can be configured flexibly according to technological requirements;
  • The head and return pulley are a composite structure of wheel hub and gear ring, and the gear blade is of a subdivision structure, which is convenient for replacement and repair;
  • Welded cranked link chain is applied and the wiper blade is made from ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene, which has a high strength and good wear resistance;
  • Screw tensioning is applied at the tail part, which is convenient for operation, safe and reliable;
  • The conveyor can convey all granular and powdery material with an angle of 0-90°;
  • Speed monitoring, blockage monitoring, axis temperature detection and other safety-protection monitoring devices can be equipped optionally;
  • The conveyor is widely used in grain, port, coal, chemical industry, oil and fat and other industries.