Conveying Equipment

TDSD Series Omni-Sealed Supporting Roller Belt Conveyor


  • Omni-sealed design, which is green and environment friendly;
  • Unique material cleaning device, which can prevent against material deposit defectively;
  • Creative return-trip design to reduce the friction force and cut down the energy consumption;
  • The load bearing is of dumbbell-type self-cleaning material returning device is applied locally to solve the problem of material deposit at the tail part radically and check the dynamic balance and coaxality strictly;
  • The head pulley is of a drum type on a whole, which is coated with herringbone or rhombic rubber for friction force increasing and self-aligning to prevent against sideslip;
  • Emergency stop monitoring, speed monitoring, blockage proof, sideslip monitoring and other safety-protection monitoring devices are equipped for safer operation;
  • The conveyor is widely used in grain, port, dock, mine and other industries having higher requirements on environmental protection.