Storage Silo


Steel silo construction technology is one of the most advanced technology in the world, which is widely used in Europe and the United States, taking upthe highest share in the steel silo field;

Modular production can avoid the influence of human factors, get high stablequality. On-site assembly can avoid damage with the galvanized layer

the assembly type steel silo wall and reinforcing ribs areconnected by high-strength bolts ,which have removable performance.


1:Huge Capacity

Capacity per unit will be up to 17000T, Several model can match different needs of customers.

2: high precision

A full set of USA equipment and technology, ensure the accuracy and reduce the zinc damage of surface.

3:Less Remaining

The reinforcing ribs can be external, which canreduce the residual grain of thesilo wall

4: Demolition transfer

The standardization of mold production,highstandardizationdegree with the parts,

high interchangeability, partial replacement or overall migration.